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Buy Magic Kingdom Dark Chocolate Bars


Magic Kingdom Dark Chocolate Bars

Magic Kingdom Dark Chocolate Bars is a theme flavor from the Walt Disney World Resort in Bay Lake, Florida. It is known for its enchanting atmosphere, iconic attractions, and immersive experiences. While Magic Kingdom offers a wide variety of  Edibles and beverage options, including snacks and desserts, there is no specific mention of a “Magic Kingdom Dark Chocolate” product or treat officially associated with the park.

MK Chocolate has released a new flavor of chocolate bars called “Magic Kingdom Dark Chocolate Bars”. These bars weigh 3.5g each and have a creamy and sweet taste. Similar to other MK Shroom bars, this dark chocolate is also quite potent and may cause hallucinations for a while. The Magic Kingdom Shroom bars are made using the finest couverture chocolate and high-quality mushrooms to ensure the best possible experience.

Mk Dark Chocolate Packaging

The packaging of MK Chocolate is sleek and simple, with the Magic Kingdom logo prominently displayed in the center of the bar. The flavor name is located at the bottom center of the bar. On the back of the shroom chocolate bar, you find information about dosing and a unique QR code that can be used to verify the authenticity of the product.

It’s important to carefully inspect the packaging when purchasing MK Chocolate, as there are many replicas available for sale on sites like dhgate. These fake products are being used to deceive customers, so be sure to only purchase from reliable sources.

Effects of MK Dark Mushroom Chocolate Bars

Magic Kingdom mushroom bars have similar effects to most psychedelic mushroom chocolate bars. The major effects of consuming our chocolate bars include:

  • Slow Reaction Time
  • Inspires Creativity
  • Hallucinations
  • It inspires relaxation and happiness

Listed above are just a few effects of consuming our bars and other mushroom chocolates in general. What makes fusion shroom bars different from the rest is the short, intense trip that hits you at had first. This leads to a full body high, finally leaving you in a completely relaxed state.

Where to buy Dark Mk Mushroom Bars?

Due to the surge in popularity of psychedelic mushroom bars, the demand for Magic Kingdom mushroom bars has skyrocketed. According to the 2022 statistics, the MK bar now holds 6% of the market share in the shroom bar industry. In just one year since our release, we are already competing with industry giants such as Polka Dot Bars and Fusion Mushroom Bars, which speaks to the quality of our bars.

However, the high demand for MK chocolate bars has resulted in many fakes being sold in the market, claiming to be authentic bars. Most of these sellers are offering fake bars that won’t give you the true MK experience. We strongly recommend that you purchase your bars from a licensed dispensary or from our website to ensure that you get the authentic MK chocolate experience.


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