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Buy Matcha Neautropics Chocolate Bars


Buy Matcha Neautropics Chocolate Bars

Matcha Neautropics Chocolate Bars is uniquely crafted chocolate made with Michigan-grown psilocybin mushrooms. There is one 6000MG  per package. This soothing tea MUST be consumed with responsibility. For those who have never tripped or ingested psychedelic mushrooms: start small, remember to create a good physical setting, and maintain a good and positive mindset before consuming. Depending on your desired effects is how much you should consume (refer to the chart).

Matcha Neau tropics Shrooms are a sacred medicine and must be treated as such. They have been consumed for their medicinal properties for thousands of years and continually change the lives of those who are fortunate to partake in this most-cherished experience. Best consumed with healthy foods and while you are optimally rested and hydrated. Benefits of consuming this product include but are not limited to: increased quality of life, improved mood, quitting toxic habits, increased focus, and increased energy among countless others.

Neau Tropics  Bar Flavors

The Neau Tropics shroom bar brand initially offered sstinct and delightful flavors, which sets it apart from other mushroom chocolate brands like MK Chocolate Bars, including ours. Neau Tropics Strawberry Shortcake Chocolate Bars offer a delightful combination of flavors with their rich chocolate base, tangy strawberry filling, and buttery shortcake crumbles, and the flavors are:

Dark Chocolate Neautropics Bars Strain Effects

These chocolate bars has a very powerful hallucinogenic effect just like any other psychedelic chocolate bar. The Neautropics chocolate bar strain has the ability to make you forget who you are. However, despite its powerful hallucinogenic effects, there are no negative reviews concerning this bars. Moreover, we advise that you trip carefully.

Where to Buy Dark Chocolate Chocolate Bar from Neautropics

Psilocybin Neautropics bars reviews can be analyzed based on the amount used to create the infused edible. In addition, many case studies have come up with a conclusion that any infused Neautropics bars treats like Chocolate, gummies, drinks are well known to reduce stress and depression, stimulate brain cell growth, and increase focus.

Cookies & Cream Neau Tropics barsTry one today from us and leave us your review. Order Cookies & Cream Neau Tropics bars chocolate Bars now at Buy MK mushroom Online.Strawberries and Cream

warning: Taking any infused edible is very advisable to start slow and in a very safe environment. Do not operate any motor vehicles while using this product you are putting yourself are at risk. Buy 1up bars Online, Buy One up bars online.


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